Apollo 15

Apollo 15 - was the ninth manned mission in the United States' Apollo Program, the fourth to land on the Moon, and the eighth successful manned mission. The mission focused mainly on science.

The crew of mission

Start mission

Apollo 15 - the ninth manned spacecraft under the program Apollo, the fourth landing men on the moon. For Apollo 15 was made the highest number of changes compared to the previous mission. Was increased capacity of all sections of liquids and provisions as well as the advanced cargo bay.

For the first time used on the moon lunar rover that was supposed to help the astronauts to travel over longer distances and deliver greater moonstones. Astronauts equipment has also been modified. Was increased resource portable backpack life support system for the continuous operating time on the moon from 4 to 8 hours. Start Apollo 15 held at 13:34, July 26, 1971.

July 26, 1971, Kennedy LC-39A

Lunar landing

Landing on the moon took place July 30, 1971, at 22:16. Lunar Module stood on the ground with a slope back to 6,9° to the left and to 8,6°, the general inclination was about 11°. On the moon, astronauts installed a camera that can control experts from the Earth. Basically, astronauts on the moon moved on the lunar rover, the first goal was a crater Elobu.

The astronauts were able to overclock the rover to the speed of 18 km/h. They also engaged in drilling to get deeper soil samples. On the Moon, the astronauts conducted a "Galileo's theory" which was broadcast live on the Earth. Apollo 15 was the first expedition, which the start of the take-off stage of the lunar module to the Moon planned to show live on television.

July 30, 1971, Hadley-Apennine

End of mission

"Endeavour" splashed down on the speed of 35.1 km/h. No damage was not. A helicopter with divers arrived within a few minutes. 40 minutes after splashdown David Scott, Alfred Worden and James Irwin were taken on board the helicopter carriers is near USS Okinawa. After another hour and was taken to the "Endeavour".

The mission of Apollo 15 was successfully completed. It lasted 12 days 7 hours 11 minutes. In honor of the return of the astronauts was immediately arranged a dinner - they were the first who after being on the moon was not subjected post-flight quarantine. NASA called the flight Apollo 15, the most successful of all completed manned flights.

August 7, 1971, North Pacific Ocean

Summary of mission

The entire Apollo 15 mission lasted 195 hr. 18 min. 35 sec. Directly on the moon, the astronauts spent 21 hours, 38 minutes, 21 seconds.

The total distance which astronauts David Scott and James Irwin had passed equals 27.9 km.

Time in space

After the flight, there was a scandal with philatelic stamps, which astronauts took without the permission of NASA and sold German philatelist.

During his stay on the Moon, astronauts managed to collect 76.8-kilogram moon rocks that were eventually sent to various labs and universities around the world.

Astronauts of Apollo 15 have conducted more than 30 experiments, results of these experiments were either radioed to Earth.

Place, which NASA was approved for landing on the Moon Apollo 15, was a Hadley-Apennine.