Apollo 14

Apollo 14 was the eighth manned mission in the United States Apollo Program and the third to land on the Moon. This missions targeted landings with two-day stays on the Moon with two lunar EVAs.

The crew of mission

Start mission

The launch of Apollo 14 hosted after 295 days after the failed launch Apollo 13. The purpose of the flight - landing on the Moon to conduct research on a broader program than when flying spaceship Apollo 12. Planting should take place in the Fra Mauro crater.

In the Control Center among the guests of honor attended the U.S Vice President Spiro Agnew and several ministers. Launch watched about 500 000 people. Originally the launch was scheduled November 9, 1970, but eight minutes before the start - was canceled due to bad weather. The spaceship Apollo 14 was launched January 31, 1971, in 21 hours and 03 minutes, 40 minutes later than the calculated time.

January 31, 1971, Kennedy LC-39A

Lunar landing

Landing on the Moon took place February 5, 1971, at 9 o'clock 18 minutes. The lunar module down to the platform with a slope of eight degrees (with a slope of more than fifteen degrees astronauts prohibited down the stairs to the surface of the Moon, with a slope of more than 42 degrees can not start from the Moon).

The astronauts took to the moon's surface twice. In the first exit, the astronauts photographed and collected lunar samples near the lunar module, in the second went to a nearby crater Cone. Finally in front of the lunar module Shepard took out of his suit, three golf balls and taking advantage of one of the tools as sticks, he made three hits.

February 5, 1971, Fra Mauro

End of mission

After another meal and a short rest astronauts on one hundred forty-third hour flight took the start from the moon take-off stage of the lunar module. On the way back to Earth, the crew conducted the first U.S materials processing several experiments in space. The total length of stay of the lunar module on the moon 33 hours 24 minutes.

The crew compartment splashed down February 9, 1971, at 21 hours 05 minutes 6.4 km near the ship USS New Orleans. The flight duration is 216 hours 42 minutes. A helicopter brought the crew on board the aircraft carrier after 49 minutes after splashdown.

February 9, 1971, South Pacific Ocean

Summary of mission

The entire Apollo 14 mission lasted 216 hrs. 1 min. 58 sec. Directly on the moon, the astronauts spent 33 hr. 31min.

The total distance which astronauts Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell had passed equals 3,3 km.

Time in space

In front of lunar module Shepard took out of his suit three balls for golf and taking advantage of one of the tools, he made three hits.

During his stay on the Moon, astronauts managed to collect 42.9-kilogram moon rocks that were eventually sent to various labs and universities around the world.

Astronauts of Apollo 14 have conducted more than 19 experiments, results of these experiments were either radioed to Earth.

Place, which NASA was approved for landing on the Moon for Apollo 14, was
a Fra Mauro Highlands.