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The Apollo Program is one of the greatest achievements of humanity. People have always been researchers, at all times, since the discovery of the fire and ending with the invention of the Internet, we're trying to make our lives better and easier. But the exploration of space has a special page in the life of our planet. And since ancient civilizations, people have been wondering what kind of points of light in the sky and what is to be there, beyond our planet. The Apollo Program is the first and the last moment when people set foot on the surface of another celestial object.

This site contains the main achievements of the Apollo Program and the facts, starting with the first exit on the Moon Neil Armstrong and to the last exit on the Moon during the Apollo 17 mission Eugene Cernan. I tried to analyze in detail all available authentic sources and collect all important and exciting facts about the mission. I hope you like my work and finish my speech I want to use the quote from the film Interstellar: "It's like we've forgotten who we are. Explorers, pioneers, not caretakers."

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